Paternity Testing
Clinic DNA paternity testing at a local clinic - not court admissible.

DNA Plus can arrange for our clients to have DNA samples taken at by trained, experienced professionals at licensed clinics. This is especially valuable for clients who have questions or concerns about the testing process. Once your testing order is received, we will schedule your appointment at your earliest convenience at a nearby clinic.

Although DNA samples are collected by a third party, it is important to know that, like the Home Maternity Test, the results obtained through our Clinic Maternity Test are also not admissible in court, because this test does not satisfy legal chain of custody requirements. If you anticipate using data from an Advanced DNA Lab test in a legal proceeding, you must take our Legal Maternity Test.

Clinic maternity Testing

Maternity Testing Accuracy:

Your choice of test has no bearing on the accuracy of the results. We offer the various levels of test for your convenience and comfort, to meet your specific information needs. When testing procedures are properly followed, results that indicate that the tested woman IS the mother are 99.9% accurate. Results that indicate the tested woman IS NOT the mother are 100% accurate.
Maternity test in a clinic


Clear test results containing the statistical probability that the tested woman is or is not the mother are confidentially reported to the individual who ordered the test. Timely results can be expected within 2 business days after the lab begins processing the samples.

Legal DNA Testing

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