Paternity Testing
Home DNA maternity test - not court admissible.

Advanced DNA Lab's Home Maternity Test Kit contains all the materials necessary to provide the most accurate determination if the tested man is the biological mother of the child in question. This test is used to determine a genetic link between mother and child. It is used in situations where infants have been given up for adoption, or in cases where there might be a question about if they were babies that were switched at birth.
This test provides for the ultimate in convenience, in that DNA samples are collected in the privacy of the home. As long as testing procedures are followed, the Home Test will provide accurate results. Because chain of custody can not be documented with this test, the results are not admissible in court. If you need results for legal purposes, please order the Legal Maternity Test.

DNA Maternity Test

Home Maternity Test Accuracy:

When testing procedures are properly followed, results that indicate that the tested woman IS the mother are 99.9% accurate. Results that indicate the tested woman IS NOT the mother are 100% accurate.

Maternity testing


Clear test results containing the statistical probability that the tested woman is or is not the mother are confidentially reported to the individual who ordered the test. Timely results can be expected within 2 business days after the lab begins processing the samples.

Legal DNA Testing

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